Wayfarer is unlike any other accommodation - we bring to travelers  unique, stylish, experience and design-led spaces at affordable rates.  We focus on building a community around our hotel by partnering with the best local shops and services.   We’re here for the explorers, for people looking for a little peace and quiet, and for the ones who can’t wait to discover more. 


There's something for everyone in Japan and too much to see. 

Wayfarer is here so that you can get the most out of your travels.



Wayfarer is looking to expand.  As an accommodations operator, we specialize in 3 key areas:



Capability to operate hotels, hostels, machiyas, minpaku/monthly mansions


Flexible lease terms based on owner ROI requirements


Operational & financial expertise

Global hotel brand standards

Robust cost optimisation


Technology systems for optimization

Task automation

First adopter in Japan

Wayfarer partners directly with investment funds and other institutions to operate hotels and serviced apartments. 

We are a turnkey operator - specializing in direct operations and advisory that helps investors generate higher returns.

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