April 4, 2022

A Strategic Partnership with listed JREIT

Wayfarer x JREIT officially signs a strategic partnership where we will work together to expand our network of properties.

We're pleased to announce Wayfarer officially signing a strategic partnership with the Asset Manager of a listed JREIT!

This agreement will see Wayfarer work with expand our network of hotels in Japan, leveraging their size and Wayfarer's strategy for managing digitally transformed hotels with our software platform.

Even pre-COVID, the hospitality industry in Japan was losing over 700 billion yen per year due to poor productivity driven by manual processes and old technology. Since COVID hit, over 200 hotel brands in Japan have gone bankrupt because they were not ready. Wayfarer was founded in the trenches of COVID and we've not only survived, but thrived.

The JREIT realized that something needed to change and progressively took the first step to redefining how hotels are managed in the future. Follow us to learn about our first project together in the coming months!



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